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Let's Grab Coffee

It is safe to say most individuals miss being able to casually meet up with others to chat over coffee, whether it be catching up with a friend or discussing future business plans with clients or coworkers. At Hello Mailbox we have been helping our clients to recreate that enjoyable sensation of real life human interactions - in a safe and easy way.

We created our virtual coffee box, “Let's Grab Coffee”, as a way to invite people to have a virtual coffee or beverage with you. Cold email is dead. Send cold brew instead!

What is a virtual coffee? It is a gift box you send a client, lead, partner, etc to invite them to have a conversation and a drink. This way you're both engaging your senses during your meeting, therefore making it a more authentic and memorable experience. Even though the interaction is still virtual, it adds a deeper quality to the conversation.

What goes inside our Virtual Coffee box?

  • All boxes include beverages (coffee or tea), mints, and the option to include cookies

  • Custom branded packaging and custom stationery (for orders of 50+ boxes)

  • Personalized handwritten note

  • Free shipping

We include only the highest quality, better-for-you brands in our virtual coffee boxes so you know your clients are receiving amazing products they’ll enjoy.

When to send Virtual Coffee?

  • Setup calls with leads: Send to cold leads in advance of calling or emailing them. Virtual coffee is a feel-good way to introduce yourself and the product or service you’re selling.

  • Engage with clients you’re looking to up-sell or expand their business.

  • Share a virtual coffee with clients you're not able to visit in person.

  • Thank referring clients for recommending you.

  • Send virtual coffee to new clients in advance of their onboarding call to ease the transition from the sales team to customer experience team

  • Share a virtual coffee with employees who are working remotely

The opportunities are endless! At Hello Mailbox, we are excited to help you close more deals and delight your prospects and customers in the process. We take care of everything from stationery, handwriting your personalized message, packaging, and even free shipping! Pricing starts as low as $26 per virtual coffee box. Get started here or reach out for a sample and free strategy consultation.


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