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  • How do you get my message onto the card?
    All cards are physically handwritten, by real person with a real pen! Because anything else just looks fake.
  • What if I want to send cards to all of my clients on their birthday or anniversary? How do I go about setting up bulk scheduled cards to be sent out?
    For all accounts with 100+ cards, your account rep will set up your database of contacts. From there, we'll schedule all of your cards in advance and make sure everything is sent out on time. For example, birthday cards will arrive within 5 days before their birthday.
  • How will I know when the cards were sent on schedule and exactly what was written on each card?
    For all accounts with 100+ cards, you will receive a weekly digest of all the cards sent out including pictures of the card and handwritten message so you know exactly went out and when.
  • Can I use my own business stationery?
    Absolutely! We understand some businesses have stocks of their own stationery and we're happy to use it for you.
  • What is the maximum number of cards I can send?
    This is totally up to you! We can handle as many letters as you would like to send and can create a custom package for your specific needs. Accounts set up on a monthly subscription receive an extra discount. Contact us for more details!
  • Is my customer information secure?
    Absolutely! Your customer information will never be sold or shared.
  • Do your handwritten notes have any Hello Mailbox branding?
    No way! Your notes are only contain your branding. You're recicipients will never know that it didn't come directly from you.

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