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10 Occasions in Business to Send a Thank You Note

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When was the last time you received a handwritten card in the mail? You likely remember when it was, who sent it and how you felt receiving, opening and reading it. This is because receiving handwritten notes is no longer the norm so it stands out when someone takes the time to not only think of you and say something, but to actually write it by hand and send their sentiments to you on paper. It likely made you feel special, noticed and connected. Now, imagine if you receive a thank you letter from someone you do business with. It would likely stand out from the sea of emails and pre-printed mailers bombarding you for your attention.

You want your customers to have this surprise and delight moment! And Hello Mailbox is here to make it easy for you.

10 reasons to send a thank you note in business:
  1. Thank you card to a new customer or partner. Did you just close a new deal or launch a partnership with another company? This is the perfect time to send a handwritten note or gift to express your appreciation and kick things off on a high note!

  2. Thank an employee. Send a thank you message next time an employee does outstanding work, helps someone else or simply for showing up every day with enthusiasm and a smile.

  3. Thank a coworker. Send a thank you note to a coworker for assisting you on a project, giving encouragement when you need it or an appreciation note for the great work they’re doing.

  4. Thanks for a birthday gift. Receiving a gift is the perfect opportunity to write a thank you note in return!

  5. Appreciation card on a customer anniversary. Show your clients how much you value them by sending a gratitude card on their anniversary with your business.

  6. Give thanks for a new business opportunity. Go above and beyond by sending a note of thanks for someone’s time when you have an important meeting.

  7. After a job interview. Send an interview thank you letter to let the interviewer know how grateful you are for their time and to have the opportunity to work with them.

  8. 1-2 thank you notes to established customers throughout the year. Regular notes of appreciation are sure to impress your clients.

  9. Thank clients and partners for sending referrals your way by sending a personalized thank you note or a small gift.

  10. Just because! Anytime something or someone pops to mind you’re grateful for, jot a reminder note to yourself to send a note of appreciation. It is a wonderful way to pleasantly surprise the people you do business with!

  • Add ‘send thank you note’ to your business processes, internal project management tool or CRM

  • Utilize custom stationery

  • Sign up with Hello Mailbox to make sending thank you notes a seamless experience!

For more thank you note ideas, check out our blog post 3 Scripts for Professional Thank You Notes or if you’re ready to get started, sign up for one of our monthly Handwritten Notes packages starting as low as $99/month!


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