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How to say thank you for a professional opportunity

3 Scripts for Professional Thank You Notes

Have you ever had an important lunch meeting go really well only to rush off to another meeting followed by back to back phone calls and a dinging inbox? Every once in a while, the thought "I should send a thank you message for lunch" goes through your head only to be immediately forgotten by your ringing phone and email alerts. That thought pops to mind a few more times over the next week now followed by "it’s probably too late" and so you forget about it.

This is completely normal and something we often hear from customers who turn to Hello Mailbox as a solution for their handwritten note and gifting needs. In fact, it’s so common that less than 25% of the population send handwritten notes regularly despite research showing that sending handwritten notes can result in:

  • 3x increase in customer engagement

  • an 80% return on investment

  • over 100% increase in sales

And quite simply, sending a thank you note is a meaningful way of acknowledging something you appreciate.

At Hello Mailbox we are here to make personalized thank you cards simple, easy and even fun for you! Read on for tips and 3 scripts for your professional thank you notes.

When to send a professional thank you note:
  • After a business meeting or call

  • After an interview

  • Gaining a new customer

  • Express gratitude to a coworker, employee or manager

Tips when sending a handwritten note:
  • Send within a week of the experience

  • Personalize the note

  • Write in a similar style to how you speak

Next time you’re struck with a moment of professional gratitude, hit pause on your inbox and grab a pen and piece of stationery (or message your Hello Mailbox account manager). Below are 3 ready to go, simple thank you card templates for your use:

Script 1:

Dear [recipient first name],

Thank you very much for your time today! I greatly enjoyed our conversation and was so inspired by [enter specific]. I am really looking forward to doing business together! I will be in touch early next month and if there’s anything I can assist with before then please let me know!

Thank you again, [your name]

Script 2:

Dear [recipient first name],

What a treat to meet with you today. I especially enjoyed talking/learning about [enter topic]. Thank you very much for your time! I look forward to working together and hearing next steps from you soon.

Warm regards,

[your name]

Script 3:

Dear [recipient first name],

It was wonderful to meet you today and discuss [insert topic]! I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to chatting more in the future.

Thank you again!

[your name]

At Hello Mailbox we are passionate about business strategy and writing thank you notes. So if you find you’re too pressed for time to write out these scripts, put them in a stamped envelope and pop in the mail, we understand. Simply contact us at and we will make sure none of your notes are forgotten again. Want to learn more about handwritten notes? Read our blog about Why Handwritten Notes work or book a free strategy call here.

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