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Why Handwritten Notes Work

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? On average, Americans receive a handwritten note only every 7 months! Meanwhile, on a daily basis we're exposed to hundreds of text messages, emails, and ads. As digital noise continues to grow, it’s even harder to make sure YOUR message isn’t missed, overlooked, or just lost in the noise. This makes handwritten notes an especially touching and effective way to connect in today's fast moving digital society.

E-mails have become more and more impersonal, and texts have about as much value as the time it takes to generate them (which isn't much these days). Sending handwritten notes is known to produce three times the average customer engagement, an eighty percent return on investment, and over a hundred percent increase in sales. So the real question is: why aren't more people putting in the effort to send handwritten notes?

Handwritten notes are energy and time intensive - from selecting or designing your stationery, figuring out what to say, writing it without making a mistake, finding a stamp and going to the post office. It is quite the task! And no wonder we put it off until it’s been an awkwardly long amount of time to send something and then don’t send anything at all.

That’s where Hello Mailbox comes in. We make it easy to go from inspiration to sent, without you ever having to touch a pen. With our service, handwritten notes can be generated quickly and affordably, and the powerful connection they build can help to easily cement new relationships, both personal and professional.

Sending something handwritten is a good reminder for the recipient that you took time to slow down and think about them. Not only does a handwritten letter take longer to write and therefore suggest more care from the writer, it is also more personal on many, many levels. Physical notes and letters are also much more likely to be saved by the receiver than the typical email, especially when they are receiving hundreds of digital messages per day. Handwritten notes are a tangible item that provides more sensation and emotion, as well as creating a thoughtful experience on both ends. This has a fantastic benefit for your brand as your logo and the good feelings you inspired, will stick around long after the note is received.

Do handwritten notes have benefits over other forms of technological contact? Absolutely! Studies have confirmed that receiving handwritten letters can make you happier. And what an amazing emotion for a company to generate in their audience.

At Hello Mailbox, we are excited to help create that deeper and personal connection between clients, prospects, or even friends and family. We take care of everything from stationery, handwriting, envelope, and even the stamp! Pricing starts as low as $99 per month and we’d love to work with you! Get started here or reach out for a sample and free strategy consultation.

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