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Handwritten Notes in Real Estate

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Creating a high impact connection with clients in the world of Real Estate is essential. What if we told you a secret for your company to achieve this in an easy yet affordable way? At Hello Mailbox we write and mail handwritten notes from your businesses to make that important connection between you and clients, agents, or employees. We can help your company seamlessly grow your contact list through efficient communication and personalized messages.

Why does Real Estate need to use Handwritten Notes?

  • Handwritten notes are always opened and fully read, unlike many emails or unwanted phone calls that can happen during the selling or buying process

  • Handwritten notes are the least expensive marketing strategy you can use, while receiving a positive return rate

  • Clients who receive handwritten cards are more likely to lead you to potential referrals

  • Handwritten notes leave a lingering impact on clients and leads

  • It is a personal gesture and gift of time, as well as thanking them for their time spent with your company

  • Handwritten notes deepen the personal relationship between you and the recipient

  • Technology cannot replace the professionalism created by a personal note

How utilize Handwritten Notes:

Handwritten invitations

  • These are perfect If you’re hosting an open house or seeking to have a greater client presence in a specific area of town. The client having a handwritten physical note makes them more likely to remember the event they are invited to, and is likely to be placed somewhere visible as a nice reminder. You can also send thank you cards to clients who attended your open house as a proper thank you for their time.

Custom stationery

  • Make sure you or your company always has custom stationery on hand, this makes it easier for when you need to send a quick or unexpected note. Having your stationery customized to your brand is also very important, it lets the recipient know who the letter is coming from! This will make your company stand out and make a larger impact on your client, or more memorable to a lead.

When is it appropriate to send a Handwritten Message?

  • Prior to or after an appointment with your client, especially if the client is new or consistent with your business

  • After receiving a good or helpful service (lenders or service providers)

  • Sales completion / after the buying process (cards can be sent to both the client, and the agent who made the sale)

  • Giving or receiving a referral or lead

  • After attending events and celebrations

Handwritten notes hold a lot of power in real estate, and are a great way to stay connected with your community in an authentic way. Thats why at Hello Mailbox we want to help your company carry out messages in the most effective and professional way possible. To learn more on the power of handwritten notes, click here or head on over to our blog "Why Handwritten Notes Work".


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