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Brand Experience Kit

Delivering a memorable brand experience is more important than ever, and we make it easy for you to achieve it. At Hello Mailbox, our top tool for growing deeper customer loyalty and engagement is the personalized Brand Experience Kit. Think of it as a fully custom and personalized package that helps your brand shine in world that's oversaturated with bland marketing attempts.

What is a Brand Experience Kit?

  • Our Brand experience kits are premium selected packages consisting of your brands marketing materials, products, gifts, or company merchandise packaged together in a cohesive way to create a memorable experience for the recipient.

By sending someone an experience kit, your brand is elevating engagement between you and the recipient, therefore making it much more likely to receive your desired result. Kits can open doors to new prospect's by highlighting your products in a way that will elicit a positive response, getting you one step closer to moving prospects through the sales pipeline quicker.

Who should you send Brand Experience Kits to?

  • Potential partners

  • Influencers

  • Media / PR

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Future or current employees

  • Prospects and leads

  • Clients

What should you include in your Brand Experience Kit?

  • Product samples

  • Company swag and branded promo items

  • Small gifts

  • Snacks

  • A handwritten note on your custom branded stationery

  • The most important note is to always keep the recipient in mind when selecting what you put in your kit. Make sure the contents represent your brand, and easily support the message you’re trying to send

Other uses for Brand Experience Kits:

  • Events- you can send kits for virtual events or meetings to create a more stimulating experience while also optimizing attendance, or have kits available for in person events and meeting attendees as a thank you gift.

  • Social media giveaways- this can be utilized by your personal brand account or through brand ambassadors and influencers.

Hello Mailbox takes care of everything - from printing and sourcing your custom packaging, warehousing your products, handwriting each personalized note, and reporting back a photo of each item along with tracking tracking numbers, and shipping them off! We make the process seamless for you and your team, making it easy for you to engage and connect with your contacts.

Learn more about our Brand Experience Kits here or email us at for more specific questions or requests.


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