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Connection Without the Contact

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

How to stay in touch with your clients during coronavirus, cancelled conferences, and restricted company travel.

Millions of conference attendees are missing out on crucial opportunities to connect with clients and partners face-to-face due to coronavirus risks, widespread conference cancellations and restricted corporate travel policies.

For years, Hello Mailbox has been helping top companies meaningfully connect with their clients through compelling handwritten note and gifting strategies, and now with the emergence of the highly contagious coronavirus, their handwritten notes as a service is taking on a whole new level of importance.

Natalie Yerkovich, CEO of Hello Mailbox, reports “We are seeing a specific increase in demand among companies who are looking to stay in front of customers without exposing employees to extra risk from travel and crowds. Handwritten notes are a great way to do that because it’s thoughtful, tangible and stands out from all the digital messages we’re bombarded with daily. And maybe best of all, it’s germ-free!”

It’s easy to take for granted how important that human connection is for business, until you suddenly have these restrictions. It’s forcing us all to find the most effective ways to cut through the clutter and meaningfully connect with clients, leads and partners.

Yerkovich was scheduled to speak this week at the Natural Product Expo West, an annual conference and tradeshow that attracts over 90,000 people from all over the world. It’s arguably the most important conference for emerging and established natural foods brands to connect with buyers, press and suppliers. The conference was cancelled at the last minute and Hello Mailbox is working with exhibitors to help them cultivate those valuable relationships despite the missed opportunity to meet in person.

How can I use handwritten?

Here are a few ways handwritten notes are especially relevant during this time of limited in-person interaction and cancelled conferences:

  • Outside sales reps unable to travel? Let customers know you may be stopping by their office less frequently, but that you’re available by video call anytime.

  • Cancelled meetings and missed connections from a conference or trade show? Send them a handwritten note to tell them how you missed meeting at the event, but you’re excited to connect with them one on one

  • Pallets of conference swag? Send swag kits to leads with a personalized handwritten note. Everyone loves swag and having your branded items delivered straight to their home or office is priceless.

About Hello Mailbox:

Hello Mailbox helps companies to send real handwritten notes and gifts, in a premium branded way. Hello Mailbox takes care of everything, from printing your premium custom stationery, handwriting your messages, postage and dropping it in the mail.

You can learn more about Hello Mailbox online at



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