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How top sales teams build better relationships and close more deals

Want your sales team to make a long lasting impression and stand out from the noise? Hello Mailbox can help you engage with clients and prospects in thoughtful ways, to show that you value both their time and business.

Sales is one of the hardest jobs out there, and it's absolutely vital to a company's overall success to have effective sales strategies and sales people who feel empowered by the sales tools available to them.

This is where Hello Mailbox's Virtual Coffee comes in! With just a few clicks, you can send a gift box with coffee, tea, cookies and mints - along with a fully branded handwritten note with your message on it. Top sales teams love how well Virtual Coffee works. Whether it be with a prospect, client, or internally to your team, Virtual Coffee is an effective strategy to to optimize your sales outreach, generate leads, close clients faster and engage with prospects on a deeper level.

Here's how top sales teams benefit from sending Virtual Coffee:

  • Invite a prospect or client to a meeting with a virtual coffee. The recipient will feel more valued and excited to interact with you after receiving a treat and handwritten note. Be more thoughtful than your competitors and you'll win every time.

  • If you're struggling to get a response from a lead, send them an email asking to send them a gift. That's a much more compelling ask than just requesting a meeting.

  • Thank clients who refer new customers to you with a surprise coffee gift they can enjoy anytime. Surprise and delight campaigns are powerful tools for encouraging more referrals.

  • Handwritten notes and physical gifts are likely to be saved by the recipient, meaning your brand and your interaction will stay top of mind and your future followup will be better received

  • In the weeks leading up to a client's renewal, send them a Virtual Coffee for a meeting to talk about their renewal plans. When customers and clients feel valued, they are more likely to renew. And we all know it's 5x easier to retain an existing client than it is to close a new one!

  • Build Virtual Coffee into your outreach and meeting scheduling flow so you can consistently take advantage of this effective tool

  • Sending a virtual coffee to a member of your sales team before your meeting can help to grow a stronger bond within the team, as well as making the average work meeting more enjoyable. Happy sales people are effective sales people!

Sales teams thrive when they have genuine relationships with their clients. Virtual Coffee by Hello Mailbox is one tool that has an amazing track record at helping top sales teams build better relationships, close more deals, and improve retention and encourage referrals. referrals.

At Hello Mailbox, we are excited to help you close more deals and delight your prospects and customers in the process. We take care of everything from stationery, handwriting your personalized message, packaging, and even free shipping! Pricing starts as low as $26 per Virtual Coffee box. Get started here or reach out for a sample and free strategy consultation.

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