let's grab coffee!

Cold email is dead. Send cold brew instead!

Invite your customers, leads, partners and employees to enjoy a “virtual” coffee with you.

Send real coffee with a handwritten note

A sales tool that actually delights your contacts!

Stand out above the noise

Stay connected with your customers, leads, partners and employees

Sent "from you" with your custom branding and personalized messaging

Only the highest quality better-for-you brands included

Free shipping! 

Personalized handwritten note

Premium coffee


Free shipping!

Select from multiple beverage options


Starting at $26 per box



Starting at $26 per box


Coffee and Tea

Starting at $26 per box

Premium Coffee Beans

Starting at $30 per box


Coffee, Tea and Cookies

Starting at $30 per box

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All boxes include beverages, mints, custom branded packaging (for orders of 50+ boxes), personalized handwritten note and shipping.


Let's get to work!

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03_Folded Crewneck Sweater & Paper Band_

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