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7 Unique Congratulations Gift Ideas

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Life is full of exciting moments like promotions, graduations and new homes. When times like this come up in a coworkers or loved one’s life, you want to be ready with thoughtful ideas to give, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 7 unique congratulatory gift ideas. And as more and more people are becoming health conscious, none of these include alcohol so you can give in confidence without having to wonder if the receiver even drinks.

Including a personalized note is one of the best ways to make any gift stand out and add even more thoughtfulness. Receiving handwritten notes is rare so they stand out and are the perfect opportunity to express your sentiments and joy for the recipient of your gift.

To help you get inspired when you want to send a congratulations, below are 7 unique congratulations gift ideas perfect for you to send even if the recipient doesn’t drink alcohol.

1. Coffee + Chocolate Box: gourmet coffee, chocolates & cookies

If the recipient has a sweet tooth and loves coffee, sending a gift box that includes a sampling of gourmet coffees, chocolates and cookies is sure to put a smile on their face! Hello Mailbox is able to source this for you and typically uses High Brew Coffee or Cuvée coffee and Tate’s cookies but can include anything you’d like! View our Let’s Grab Coffee ideas for inspiration.

2. Tea Box: tea drops, chocolates & cookies

If your recipient has a preference for tea, we can instead include the assortment of chocolate and cookies you would like and include tea. We typically use Matcha Green Tea Tea Drops but are happy to use whatever you prefer. Take a peek at our Let’s Grab Coffee for ideas of what we can do.

3. Engraved Tumblers

Regardless of what your recipient likes to drink, tumblers are perfect and even more thoughtful when engraved with their initials! We love these YETI tumblers that keeps drinks the same temperature as what you pour in. Our team is able to source these for you, package them beautifully and include a personalized handwritten letter from you.

4. Embossed leather journal

Whether or not your recipient regularly writes or simply uses journals to jot down to do’s and random thoughts, an embossed leather journal is always a unique and thoughtful gift to give. Choose a quality journal and have it embossed with their name, initials or even a fun phrase unique to you both or of course we are happy to take care of this for you. Your recipient is sure to treasure it for many years to come.

5. Virtual cooking classes

The ongoing pandemic has brought many cooking classes into our homes and you can now access chefs from around the world to give a cooking class in the comfort of your home! Whether your recipient loves to cook or you simply want to give this as a special experience, this is a thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed and always remembered. Hello Mailbox can send you a few options to choose from and send it to your recipient beautifully packaged with a handwritten note.

6. 3 of your favorite, most impactful books

So many people love getting book recommendations so if your recipient loves to read, then sending a few of your favorites is going to make them so happy! Or, if you know there is a book they have been wanting to read you can include that with a couple of your favorites. And of course, we are happy to make some recommendations for you if you’d like to send books but not sure which to send.

7. Compilation of letters

If you have a close relationship with the recipient and know they respond well to words of affirmation or tend to be sentimental, taking the time to ask other coworkers and friends to write down favorite memories, thoughts or a letter to them and compiling them all in a book will mean so much! This gift will be the source of joy for many years. If you would like our help with this, we simply request that you send all of the information you’d like in the book at once, along with photos, and we will compile the book and ship it to your recipient along with a handwritten note.

Gifting without alcohol can feel like a challenge but there are so many creative and thoughtful options that will leave a lasting impression and mean so much! Whatever you choose, be sure to personalize it and reach out if we can help brainstorm additional options or put one of these together for you. Contact us here.


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