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5 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Thank You Note

A home cooked meal. An unexpected gift. A ride to the store when your car is in the shop.

Receiving kindness brightens our days and strengthens relationships which is why when you’re the receiver, it is kind to tell the giver how much their action meant. And the above list includes only a few reasons why you might decide to tell someone thank you.

Today’s world is full of technological noise so taking a moment to write your gratitude on paper stands out from other messages and continues the joy for both people. When handwritten, a note is much more meaningful to receive because handwritten notes are now a rarity and extra special given the time it takes to write and send.

So, how do you write a good thank you note? Here are 5 tips to write a meaningful thank you note:

  1. Be specific. Focus on why you’re grateful for the gift or experience and even how you felt receiving the gift rather than the object itself.

  2. Make it personal. The more personalized a note, the more enjoyment will be received when reading it. Ideas include a special moment from when you received the gift or even letting the person know how excited to see them again soon. Keeping in mind who you are sending the note to helps in deciding the tone of your note.

  3. Be timely. Do your best to send a thank you note within a week of receiving a gift or experience. It’s important to be timely because it is a tangible expression to the giver that the gift genuinely touched you. If it’s a bit late, it’s okay to acknowledge it and even apologize if it feels necessary.

  4. Make it easy. Keep stationery and stamps on hand so as soon as you feel inspired to express gratitude, you have what you need in a convenient spot to send off your note. You could even keep an ongoing list of people you’d like to thank so you can be extra efficient and batch your handwritten notes.

  5. Handwrite it! Receiving a note that is handwritten means so much more than one that is typed because it feels more sincere.

There are endless opportunities to say thank you - both in your personal life and in business. We know life gets busy so drop us a line at so you never miss sending a thank you note again! Need inspiration on what to write? Head over to 3 Scripts for Professional Thank You Notes.


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