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How to retain employees during the Great Resignation using handwritten notes and gifting

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world works which caused a tectonic shift in workers’ priorities. A recent report from Qualtrics indicates that close to half the workers in America plan to find a new job over the next year. This is unparalleled and employers must respond swiftly with clear plans in order to keep their teams and companies intact.

Some tips on how to do it?
  • Sit down with your employees and create a growth plan

  • Have regular check ins

  • Celebrate wins

  • Regularly express gratitude and appreciation for their contribution

Regularity is key when it comes to expressing appreciation for employees because research shows a strong correlation between employee recognition and retention.

Your employee retention strategy need not be complicated. Incorporating handwritten notes and thoughtful gifting into the strategy will help your employees feel even more connected and appreciated.

Why does your employee retention strategy need to include handwritten notes?
  • Handwritten notes are rare and stand out from bills and junk mail

  • It is a personal gesture and gift of time

  • Handwritten notes deepen the connection between sender and receiver

  • Handwritten notes are often held on to, perpetuating the warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude every time they glance at your note on their desk

When to send handwritten notes and gifts:
  • Welcome note to new employees

  • Birthdays

  • Work anniversaries

  • Appreciation cards

  • Congratulations on a life milestone like births, marriage, new home, etc

  • Quarterly gifts

  • Holidays

Tips on sending handwritten notes and gifts:
  • Use custom stationery

  • Personalize your message

  • For thank you notes, include specifically how the employee has contributed to the company’s success

  • For big wins, consider sending a small gift along with the note for a larger impact

  • Send gifts that are useful and memorable

Handwritten notes and personalized gifting hold a lot of power in building connections which is crucial you do with your employees in 2022. Hello Mailbox understands how important it is and also that it can be time consuming which is why we offer convenient, automated Handwritten Notes Packages and personalized gifting options for your team. To learn more about the power of handwritten notes, read our blog Why Handwritten Notes Work or chat with us by booking a free strategy call!

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