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How Companies Are Safely Returning to the Office

As COVID-19 restrictions are lessening and the economy is starting to reopen, many companies are trying to find the perfect balance between remote work and returning to the office. Just when we get the hang of working from home, it’s time to start thinking about working together in person again. And while some people could not be more excited to get back to “normal” there are others who prefer working remotely or are hesitant to be back in the office.

The last year has caused a huge shift in the way many teams work day-to-day and many companies have reinvented their work process as a whole. Over the last year, our clients have relied on handwritten notes and branded gifting strategies to help them stand out among all the virtual noise and to meaningfully connect with customers, prospects and employees.

As many companies start returning to in-person meetings, business trips, and working together in the office, we’re all are faced with new decisions we’ve never had to consider before:

  • Is it necessary to return to in-person interactions?

  • How much have employees and customers gotten used to virtual interactions and to what extent has it replaced in-person activities?

  • How do we safely prioritize in-person interactions during this in-between phase? Who needs in-person meetings the most - potential customers, existing customers?

  • How can we continue to make sure our clients, employees and prospects feel appreciated as we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic?

  • How do we safely encourage in-person interactions while recognizing that not everyone feels totally comfortable with it yet?

The reality is that while we may feel like we’re in the home stretch of COVID-19, there are likely still at least a few months until things feel normal again. These next few months are a great opportunity to plan for how your company can stand out among all the digital noise, meaningfully connect with customers and prospects amid all the online meetings, and make a great first impression with leads so that when you’re ready to meet in person the relationship is warm and familiar.

Here are a few ways we’re helping our clients through this unique time:

  • Launch an outreach campaign sending Virtual Coffee and handwritten notes to leads with the goal of setting up a new meeting. “Sharing” a beverage and snack during a virtual meeting helps it feel more real as it engages more senses.

  • Set up one-on-one meetings with direct reports to talk through what the next few months will look like in returning to the office or whatever arrangement your company plans on. Sending a Virtual Coffee for you both to enjoy during the meeting can ease the anxiety that may come with yet another change in how we work.

  • Send handwritten thank you notes for e-commerce orders over a certain amount or to customers who have made multiple purchases. Did you know Hello Mailbox automates this process for you so the notes are seamlessly sent when customers meet the requirements for sending a note?

  • Send a handwritten note after an important meeting, digital or in-person, to keep the momentum going. With so many online meetings a day can be hard to remember, sending a note after will help to refresh their brain while also making them feel valued for their time.

  • Send a handwritten note along with a branded gift or treats to clients or remote employees thanking them for their loyalty during the last year of changes.

  • For brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, fitness studios, and retail, send handwritten notes welcoming clients back to your location, and share a special offer to encourage their return.

  • And much, much more!

Interested in how Hello Mailbox can help you delight your customers, prospects and employees with handwritten notes and gifts? Request a sample or contact us here!

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