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Why We Don't use Robots to Handwrite your Notes

At Hello Mailbox, we only use real human hand writers to write your notes. When it comes to your brand and how you represent yourself, we don’t take any shortcuts.

Handwritten letters are meant to be thoughtful and authentic, not just quick and cost effective (although with Hello Mailbox they’re that as well!). Sending handwritten notes is a tried and true tradition that gets diminished when you add a machine into the mix. The time and effort that it takes to write the perfect note is something we value here at Hello Mailbox and is exactly why we will continue to never use robots to compose your message to others. The last thing we want is for our clients, their customers, or note recipients to feel that they are getting tricked by receiving a note that is not truly handwritten.

There are many advantages of real handwritten letters that robots just cannot replicate. REAL personal connection through your notes from one human to another. It’s tempting to rely on a company that uses robots to handwrite your letters, however the use of robots is for their benefit, not yours. It’s difficult to deliver a consistent, high quality, premium experience with real people - much easier to just “set it and forget it” with a handwriting robot.

We’re honored to take on this challenge on your behalf, and with our expert handwriting team we are able to seamlessly write thousands of notes for you and your company. Without using robots we are able to fully customize your letter to be exactly what you desire with no limitations on our services.

When it comes to writing that is used as a form of communication between two people, namely letters and thank you notes, the impact of those messages lasts far longer than any other version offered in our high-tech world. Let’s work together to make it count!

Want to delight your customers with real handwritten notes? Learn more about how Hello Mailbox makes it easy to send real handwritten notes on your premium custom branded stationery. Request a sample or contact us today.

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