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good vibes

Healthy snacks delivered to happy employees.

Send healthy snacks with a handwritten note

Employees are missing the perks of being in the office – not only their productive workspaces and talented colleagues, but also the abundant, healthy snacks!

Send a care package full of healthy snacks and a note of encouragement from your team

Promote staying connected with your customers, leads, partners and employees

Support local and independent brands

Only the highest quality, better-for-you products are included

Include a note of encouragement from the CEO or team

Custom branded options available

Select from multiple price points

Snack Pack

8-10 items | Starting at $25 per box

Super Snack Pack

15-20 items | Starting at $45 per box


Product examples

All boxes include snacks and shipping

Are you a snack brand looking to reach more people through in-home sampling?

Explore our custom branded options
for packaging and notes.

Opt to include your own company swag along with your snacks.

Custom note




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05_Carton Box Mockup_BOXFINALYEWLLOW.jpg
03_Folded Crewneck Sweater & Paper Band_

Get in touch.

Contact us to learn more about how Good Vibes can help you stay connected with your employees, clients, and customers in a meaningful way.

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